I remember when I was a young boy my family and I went to go visit some family in Minnesota. There was this day where we cousins were all playing, while the adults were preparing a family dinner. We were young then, I’m thinking under 10. I remember coming into the kitchen and I saw an oops, someone dropped a pan of soupy vegetables on to the floor. My cousin looked down and considered how he could fix it. I believe his mom was running a rag under some running water. While she was doing this my cousin got this awesome idea. He took one of the kitchen floor mats and pulled it over the mess. Brilliant! With a smile of success he looks to mom and says, “there you go!”. Mom wasn’t too pleased with the solution.

Out of all the early childhood memories with my cousin, this one has always stuck out to me. This morning I considered, why? I thought for moment, perhaps there is a good lesson I could take from it. God works like that sometimes.

As Christians we are all God’s children. And although we sometimes get into messes and try to cover them up, instead of getting to the root of the issue, his love remains faithful toward us. But that doesn’t mean he’s all that pleased with our solution. As we seek his ways and allow him to work in our lives, it is within his will to help us clean under the floor mat, removing everything that doesn’t belong. My aunt and those others who were helping in the kitchen had an awesome plan for a family dinner. God has an awesome plan for your life and for mine. But first things first. With God’s help, we must allow him to clean anything that doesn’t belong – anything that may be lying hidden underneath.

May the Lord be with you, renewing you daily as you set out each and every morning. We have an amazing Father in Heaven who loves us no matter what. And Jesus paid the price so we can walk in freedom as we let love be our highest goal.

Matt. 23:26
…First clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean

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