John 15:13

13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

This verse was taught to me by Disney’s Jungle Book long ago. Here’s a clip for a little blast to the past.

So I always associated this verse with making that ultimate sacrifice, no greater love than when someone sacrifices their life for their friend. And Jesus went to the cross for us. I see the connection, and Jesus indeed has a greater love for you and me.

One thing that came to mind was another way we as Christians can lay down our own lives. The only way I can be a light into world full of darkness is by laying down my life for Christ and following Him completely, allowing him to take control of my life along with each step I take and each word I say. To walk in obedience is our evidence to God of our love for Him. I want to continue moving forward in laying down my life for him by taking up my cross and following Him daily. We only have one chance to truly sacrifice our life from a literal stand point, but we have an opportunity each day, every minute, to be a living sacrifice.

I know if I really want others to come to find Jesus – the most effective thing I can do is lay my life down for Christ, and let Him take the wheel. In my own story, their were those in my life who planted seeds along the way, but it was God who helped me see with clear vision for the first time, and it is a life changing event. Two years later I am still writing about it.

May I go into this day as a living sacrifice for Him.

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