So prior to Christmas we had one of our kids, Michael, come down with a bad fever.  It was a bad one, sometimes reaching as high as 103.  My wife decided, after a few days, to go ahead and take him into a clinic.  The nurse there did some tests and really had no idea what was going on.  This year Michael was supposed to spend Christmas with his dad and was really bummed about being sick.  Being sick meant he’d more than likely have to stay home.  When Salina came back from the clinic she was very nervous.  It’s not easy to hear a professional in the field say they don’t know what’s causing sickness in your child.  It was late.  Salina was wondering, should we take him to Urgent Care tomorrow or maybe the Emergency Room tonight?  I instantly was reminded of the story of King Asa and I realized I hadn’t prayed even once about this and just figured he’s sick, which is a part of life, and he will be better soon.  Michael is resilient, usually bouncing back within a day.  At that moment I knew we had to pray.  Going to Michael we prayed, Michael bowed his head and prayed along.  Within 1 or 2 hours he no longer had a fever, plus he was finally eating.  The fever never came back and he did get to go to his Dad’s for Christmas. I also want to extend a special thanks to everyone else who said a prayer for Michael.

A few days later it looked like Alexis was coming down with the same pattern of sickness.  Her energy was much less and the fever was rising.  Knowing God’s wonderful, we wasted no time.  We got into prayer, Alexis did the same as Michael and bowed as we prayed, “Lord if its in your will, please place your healing hand on Lexi.”  Alexis’ sickness was gone almost as fast as it came.  With Alexis its a different story.  Usually she’s down and out for a few days.  Later that same night her fever came down and never returned.

Yesterday I was getting up and around for church.  It was early.  Max, my 3 year old, walks up to me with a horrible sounding congestion and cough.  “I sick”, he says.  Right there I got into prayer with him.  “Lord, my family, my whole family needs you.  If its in your will please remove this sickness from Max so we all can go to church today as a family, so we may learn more about you and follow you.”   His cough and congestion went away within record time, We all made it for Sunday morning church and today Max is still feeling good!

Thank You God For Answered Prayers

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