Saul was a man who hated Christianity. We as humans are pretty stubborn creatures who are slow to change our ways. And Saul wasn’t just a mean guy that some people knew about. Everyone, including Ananias, heard reports of this man. For him to be known as he was, he must of carried out some horrible acts of evil, some of these acts are found in the bible, and others may have not been recorded. It was his mission to stamp out Christianity. Therefore, for a person like Saul to do a full 180 degree flip and become baptized, something huge must of happened to him. And that explanation is described here above in the 9th chapter of Acts. God could of easily just stamped out Saul, but he doesn’t. Instead he brings Saul to his knees through blindness and brings Saul to know him. Saul gets baptized and now we have this great testimony given to us through the Bible. God can even use the evil of this world to bring people to know him.

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