One man, Joe, did some fishing at the lake, and then he went and tried fishing in the river across town. River fishing brought him great joy. His neighbor, Jim, also went fishing at the lake, but he has never fished that river. He actually hates the thought of it.

Later that day these two met up on the front lawn and began to argue. Jim condescending retorts, “how can anyone ever think it to be a good idea to fish the river”. Joe replied, “please come with me, we’ll both fish the river, and you’ll see the joy of fishing at this river!”.

Jim’s face drops, “quit pushing your river on me”. Jim leaves with a mission, a mission to discourage anyone from every fishing that river.

Have you ever met someone like that? What do we do with people like this? Stop arguing for one, start or continue loving them. A loving sacrifice for them will go so much further than a puffed up response for evolution. Pray for them! Because this atheistic mindset was the same kind of thinking the Apostle Paul once had, up until Jesus got a hold of him. Walk in love, as imitators of Christ.

May the truth be revealed!

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